Creme de ácido alfa-lipóico com DMAE 4 oz (113 g) Boião
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Creme de ácido alfa-lipóico com DMAE, 4 oz (113 g) Boião

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What are Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE?

Piping Rock Alpha Lipoic Acid & DMAE CreamAlpha Lipoic Acid, naturally found in every cell of the body, is best known as the "Universal Antioxidant"--not just because of its own anti-aging properties but also because of its unique ability to regenerate and recycle other beneficial antioxidants in the body! DMAE is a natural amino alcohol that also acts as an antioxidant to support your skin's natural firmness and hydration.

What does Alpha Lipoic Acid with DMAE Cream do?

Discover the secret to a moisturized, youthful complexion with Piping Rock's Alpha Lipoic with DMAE Cream! Not only will your skin feel luxuriously hydrated, but will also seemingly turn back the clock as it reclaims its natural firmness and elasticity. You deserve supple, soft skin, and now it can finally be yours with your own beauty secret! This non-greasy cream is suitable to wear underneath sunscreen and make-up.

Piping Rock's Promise:

We proudly offer you our evolving selection of Beauty & Personal Care products at the best value in the industry! From Clay Powders, to Organic Certified Coconut Oil, Biotin & Keratin Supplements, soothing Creams, Serums & More, we have you covered. We offer an endless variety of favorites that’s always evolving to meet every unique beauty trend. Our formulas are crafted through environmentally-friendly practices with Cruelty-Free testing and rigid safety standards.

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